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Pucker Up! How to Pull Off the Dark Lipstick Trend

Dark lipstick seems to be a burgeoning trend for fall, and not just for Halloween either! However, this striking look requires certain techniques to pull it off. If you dare to try this latest beauty trend, keep reading for my tips on how you can rock the look, I Always do this at my home so you need to know this is the best tips, you'll never forget.
black lipstick trend

1. Prep
Before you can rock a bold lip look, it’s important to prep your lips so the color glides on smoothly and evenly. If your lips are rough, dry, or chapped, lightly exfoliate them with a clean toothbrush or a mixture of water and sugar to gently buff away dry spots. Follow with a coat of moisturizing lip balm to help hydrate your pout.

2. Apply a Lip Primer

If you’re going to wear a dark lip color, it’s important to prime your lips for application beforehand. Not only will this help color glide on smoothly, but it will create a base that your lipstick can adhere to in order to last longer.

3. Going for It

Once you’ve chosen your perfect shade of dark lip stick and prepped your lips, you’re ready to go for it. Use a lip brush to apply color within your natural lip line (using a brush will allow for a more precise application).

Additional Tips For You How To Do

dark lipstick color trend

If you’ve experimented with various dark lip colors and followed the rest of the tips above and still are shy about wearing such a bold look, there are ways you can lighten the drama but still look just as chic.

Consider filling in your lip with the dark shade first and then applying a coat of neutral lipstick over your lips. This way you still have the bold, dark base color, but the neutral top coat helps even it out and looks less harsh.

You can also try topping your lips with a clear gloss to help give your bold pout a shiny, less dramatic appearance than a matte finish. If you have particularly thin lips, you may want to line your lips with a matching dark liner in order to create the illusion of a fuller, more defined pout that won’t look diminished.

Things to Keep in Mind About This

black make up
When wearing a dark lip, it’s important to keep the rest of your makeup neutral to avoid overkill. Dab on a little foundation if your skin needs it and a coat of brown mascara, but let your lips take center stage.

If you’re wearing a true black lipstick, it’s especially important to avoid loading up on heavy makeup elsewhere (unless it’s Halloween or week-end holiday or merrychristmas!)

The bold lip look may not be for every woman, but it’s very in for Fall and can be pulled off if you’re brave enough to try something new. By following the tips outlined above, you can pull off a dark pout without looking like a freak show.

I was used this for more a years Purlisse Pur-Lip Comfort Lip Balm

As a self-professed lip balm junkie, I love trying different kinds and finding new favorites. Plus, I need at least 5 tubes of lip balm at all times because I am constantly losing them! With that being said, I was excited to try Purlisse Pur-Lip Comfort Lip Balm and see how it stacked up against my current favorites.
First Impressions

I’m glad I received this lip balm for free, because it’s pretty darn pricey for a tube ($22 for 0.5 oz). I liked the fact that it meets most natural beauty product requirements, too, because I am a huge fan of natural beauty and want to put the best things I possibly can on my skin. The blend of mango butter, shea butter, and Vitamin E allegedly works to soften and moisturize dry lips and is petroleum-free.
First Use

When I first applied Purlisse Pur-Lip Comfort Lip Balm, I was pleasantly surprised by how moisturized my lips felt immediately after application. The balm glides on softly and smoothly and felt like it was immediately working on repairing my dry lips. My lips always get super dry during the colder months, so having a lip balm that works this effectively is a must!

The balm made my lips slightly shiny, which wasn’t a problem because I like glossy lips. You can wear it alone or under lipstick to enhance the color of your lip gloss, too. The balm sinks into your lips and makes them feel instantly hydrated and I wasn’t licking my lips as much as I do with other balms. Plus, it lasts for a really long time and keeps your lips soft and supple even after the balm has worn off.

After Two Weeks Or More

I’ve used this lip balm for about two weeks now, and I can honestly save it has become a staple in my makeup bag. You only need a little bit for superior hydration, so the tube seems to be lasting a long time. While I’m not sure I’d regularly pay $22 for this product, it’s definitely something I can see myself splurging on when I have the extra cash. My lips are softer and smoother than they ever have been before, and I am amazed that I have been able to stave off the dry, chapped feeling I normally get during this time of year.

I’ve even been using it at bedtime as my nighttime lip moisturizer and I wake up to hydrated lips — it’s actually pretty amazing. Instead of waking up to dry, chapped lips I wake up to a pout that is soft and smooth.

If you suffer from dry lips, I definitely recommend Purlisse Pur-Lip Comfort Lip Balm. It’s a makeover in a tube for your lips and will leave them soft and smooth long after the balm has worn off.

You can find The Purlisse Pur-Lip Comfort Lip Balm on amazon.com or ebay.com

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