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Ladies Sheepskin Coats Buying Guide

Do you want to look beautiful during the autumn and winter without those ugly wool coats? Then you need to consider buying ladies sheepskin coats. It is not only about the appearance. Buying ladies sheepskin coats is considered as substantial investment. The sheepskin coat is not a usually garment and shopper need to know more about the origin of the sheepskin, the processes to get the best sheepskin raw materials and also the craftsmanship needed to create the best ladies sheepskin coats for  the key features that every woman looks for. So, before you go online or visiting any high end fashion store to buy ladies sheepskin coats you need to know first where the sheepskin comes from.

The Sheepskin Coat Materials

ladies womens sheepskin jackets

Before the sheepskin becomes a glamorous coat, the materials should be obtained first. The best sheepskin originated from New Zealand, Australia, England and also Iceland.  However, those sheepskins are too thick and therefore it is too heavy for ladies sheepskin coats. The sheepskins from those countries are great to make winter coats, the one with thick fur and warmer inside. The ladies sheepskin coats need lighter and flexible sheepskin, therefore, the sheepskin from Spain is the best choice. The climate in Spain produces sheep with the most delicate and softest skin, make it the most expensive coat in the world.

Another thing to consider when buying ladies sheepskin coats is the craftsmanship. Surely this thing cannot be ignore because the craftsmanship define the quality of the sheepskin coat you buy. As investment, the ladies sheepskin coats should be checked for its quality, the length, arm length, girth, and also the use of the right pieces of skin in different parts of the ladies sheepskin coats. You should check also the stitching of every part of the coat you buy. If it is necessary, use your finger to move along the stitching of the individual pieces.  Don’t forget to check the inner side of the ladies sheepskin coats, the button, pocket, any holes, and also the cut.
Lady Sheepskin Coat Jacket

The Shearling Fabrics or Sheepskin

There are two types of ladies sheepskin coats, the shearling and the original sheepskin. Shearling fabric is a kind of sheepskin that comes from sheep that is only shaved once. Therefore, shearling coats have uniform depth of the fabrics and surely it is softer and warmer. , many people prefer shearling ladies sheepskin coats because it is breathable when worn close to their skin. The styles of sheepskin and shearling coats are also different. The ladies sheepskin coats are made to fit women’s body. It wraps the body but maintain its shapes. Woman loves to wear ladies sheepskin coats because they still look sexy during cold weather. Moreover, the ladies sheepskin coats usually has shearling piece in the collar and the pocket. It perfectly suits the autumn and winter time but surely not for the heavy winter season. However, you may need to invest more money to buy the best ladies sheepskin coats, or you can get the bargained price during a sale of holidays.

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