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Top 9 Dance Shoes for Women

Here is top 9 dance shoes for womens

Sansha Salsette

Sansha Salsette dance shoes

First of all, these sneakers come at a great price, which is something to take seriously into account these days! They are made of mesh and suede, with a suede sole and they are really lightweight and durable. They come in three colour combinations: all black, purple and black, and red and black. They are suitable for many kinds of dance, from zumba to salsa and hip-hop to jazz. Just be careful when choosing size and do follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You may probably need to order two sizes up from your normal street shoe size.

Bloch Evolution S0510L

Bloch Evolution S0510L dance shoes

An excellent choice for both beginners and advanced dancers. I would not describe it as a women’s sneaker. Very lightweight and made of durable materials. A professional dancer and teacher myself, have used this dance sneaker during practice as well as teaching sessions. Many of my students have bought this product and are extremely happy with it. Clearly one of the best available choices. Mind you, I also wear this sneaker as a normal everyday pair of shoes.

Ballet Slipper

Ballet Slipper shoes

This is a good quality ballet slipper sold at a very reasonable price. It is made of leather and cotton lining, with a suede full sole. It is ideal for beginner dancers and also a good choice for more advanced dancers. They fit well with tights or stockings on. It is also a very durable pair of ballet slippers. It comes in three colour choices: pink, black and white. It suits both young as well as adult dancers.

Mythique tango

Mythique tango woman shoes

Mythique tango shoes are made in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are handmade according to your measurements, so there is no chance of making a sizing mistake. If you ask me, a couple of times I have ordered the proper size for my shoes, but because same shoe size models may differ from one company to another, there is a big chance of not getting the right shoe size for you – even if you have selected correctly from a list of U.K., U.S., or European shoe sizes. With Mythique shoes you will be asked to measure your own feet and provide the factory with these measurements for your custom-made shoes. Of course, this pair of shoes are not only suitable for tango. A lady may wear them in any kind of dance such as ballroom or latin. They are soft and comfortable. Finally, they are suitable for learners and professional dancers and combine quality, durability, finesse and stability.

Bloch “Aspiration”

Bloch “Aspiration” shoes

I can strongly recommend it – especially to beginner ballet dancers. Since most pointe shoes hurt until they soften, this particular model does not hurt excessively. It features a nice and strong platform for turning and support. The shank is neither too soft nor too hard. Just about right. So your feet will look nicely pointed. It’s very durable and supportive and you will definitely feel confident you won’t buckle your ankles. A huge advantage of this model is its price, as it is affordable for somebody that wants to try out pointe work to see if they would like to continue pointe training.

Very Fine Ladies Latin C Series – C1659

Very Fine Ladies Latin C Series – C1659

This particular shoe model is very popular among my students. And there a few good reasons why. It features an ultra soft suede outer sole and an even softer inner sole and deluxe cushioning for more comfort. All the ladies that have tried out this shoe are amazed with how soft it feels. And there is no reason why not to believe them, as they do know how high-heels hurt! It is ultra light and has a traditional buckle and comes in black leather. Furthermore, it provides great flexibility and it’s ideal for Salsa, Latin or any type of dancing. Its price is also a great plus. Whether you are looking for a comfortable practice shoe, or a pair of shoes that will not let you down during those long dancing nights, this is the model to choose

Jeifu or Superdancer Women’s Salsa Latin Dance Shoes – Low Heel

This particular model that features a low 1 1/2? heel, may well suit different kinds of dancers. It can provide the novice dancer, and especially women that do not usually wear high heels, with the introduction to dancing on heels. Furthermore, many dancers wear them during those long hours of practice, as do latin dance instructors. This is due to the fact that they are really comfortable and do not tire their feet. They have all the advantages of a “proper” latin dance shoe, apart from the high heels. By this I mean the soles that help you glide and spin across the dance floor, as well as the arch support and the flexibility expected from this kind of shoes. They are made of leather and come in two colours: beige and black.

Bloch Women’s Trinity Dance Sneaker

Bloch Women’s Trinity Dance Sneaker

The Trinity dance sneaker from Bloch is an ideal choice for dance practice. Whether you wear it in a zumba, hip-hop, jazz or even latin dance class, it will do the job! It is really flexible and lightweight thus providing real comfort during dance practice. It features a breathable and sweat resistant upper and a split sole that allows for maximum flexibility. The ergonomic triple forefoot outsole is designed to mimic natural movement of the foot. Many of my students have bought this model and are really satisfied with it. It comes in two colour choices: black or white.

Capezio Women’s 650 Student Footlight Character Shoe

Capezio Women’s 650 Student Footlight Character Shoe

This shoe is suitable for character, theatrical, or even tap dancing performances, as taps can be attached on its leather sole. It comes in three colour choices: tan, black or white. The shoe is made of leather and features a traditional buckle closure and a mid-cut heel that’s just the right height (i.e., 2 inches). You may find that the shoe needs breaking in for the leather to soften, but then again, this is usually the case with most leather shoes. Also, be advised that this model tends to run narrow and I would say that dancers with wider feet have to choose the wider option.

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