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2016 Hair Trends & Hairstyle Ideas

This season, hairstyles are all about making you look styles and put together without a lot of fuss. Check out the following tips on how you can rock the latest hair trends without spending hours in a mirror.

Center Part

A center part is basic, hassle-free, and easy to wear for nearly every woman. That doesn’t mean it needs to be boring, though! To spice up your look in minutes, shampoo and condition as normal and squeeze out excess water. Blow dry hair with a round brush to give it a bit of body and soften the harshness of a center part.

For extra oomph, curl sections of hair with a 1? barrel curling iron on low heat for sexy, subtle waves.


sleek long hair

Prefer stick-straight strands to curls and waves? Whether your hair is super long or a bit on the short side, you can get a sleek, straight look with a few easy tricks.

First, shampoo and condition your hair with products specifically formulate to help your strands remain straight and smooth (I like Pantene Extra Straight shampoo and conditioner).

Follow with a light coating of a hair-straightening balm, such as BioSilk Silk Strate. This will help smooth and straighten hair and get rid of any frizz.

Blow dry with a round brush on the lowest setting to minimize heat damage. Finish with a quick run through with a straightening iron and add a dollop of shine serum for super shiny tresses that look polished and pulled together.


ponytail hair

Ponytails are especially popular this fall and can look just as chic as a more complicated style if you do it right. Shampoo and condition as you normally would and allow to dry in a towel for a few minutes to soak up excess moisture.

Blow dry with a round brush, paying particular attention to the hair around the crown of your head. You want to make sure the hair here is completely dry. Flip your head over and dry the roots at an upward angle, using the brush to smooth and straighten your hair.

Work a texturizing product, such as Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste, throughout your hair, but avoid the roots. Pull hair back from your face and secure in an elastic ponytail holder at the nape of your neck for a chic, polished look.

If you have a few extra minutes, pull a few pieces out to frame your face and lightly curl them. Beautiful!


Chignons hair style 2016

Chignons (or buns, as most people would call them) don’t have to be only a lounging-around-the-house style! In fact, chignons can look very elegant and chic without a lot of fuss.

To steal this look, pull your hair back into a high or low ponytail depending on where you want the chignon to be. This fall, the style is all about low-maintenance, so don’t worry about it looking perfect. In fact, slightly off center buns are trendy this season!

Twist your hair around the base of your ponytail and wrap another elastic around it. Secure with bobby pins. To spice up your look, consider adding texture or adorning the bun with jeweled bobby pins or other hair accessories to really make a statement.

Expect to see these hairstyles and many more sleek, no-fuss styles everywhere this season. Even a hair novice can recreate these looks with minimal fuss and still look polished and put together.

Short Hair

Short Hair style

Extraordinary Short Hair styles short and beautiful hair styles alongside the particular and mind boggling haircuts are in vogue and very much enjoyed. Women have these hair styles or hairdos with unmistakable and prevalent stunning models.

Different and popular hair shade tones embed extra eminence to your astonishing hair styles and haircuts. Here are a couple of astounding cases of twenty awesome constrained hair styles for young ladies are given underneath. Spiky is an extremely one of a kind and tasteful hair style with the much excessively concise hairs.

Blonde hair shading tone is by all accounts lovely together with the spiky hair style and it seems, by all accounts, to be surprising too. Untidy hair styles are one specific of the really alluring and favored hairdo. About the greater part of the in vogue and sleek young women like to convey shorter hair styles with wavy muddled, unpleasant or with all the wavy hairstyles.Bangs are likewise exceptionally popular.

Blasts are principally conveyed with shorter haircuts. Women can have blasts with all the untidy hairs will likewise be while utilizing the rectified haircuts

Medium Long Hairstyles

Medium Long Hairstyles Alba Jessica

Medium lengthy hairstyles firmly include many sorts of hairdo to select from and it’s by no means a straightforward factor to find out which one to decide on as that you must think about a number of features like kind of your hair. You do want completely different hairdo when you’ve gotten thick hair in comparison with these with skinny hair. No matter what hairdo to contemplate, it is very important know each single attribute that you’ve got.

Among many sorts of medium lengthy hairstyles, it appears to be a good suggestion to think about Twisted Bangs. Your hair might be aspect twisted in terms of the hairdo and it’s as much as you to take proper or left one for the twisted hair. Bangs created on this hairdo will create one thing softening your look. That is only one instance of medium lengthy hairstyles to go for. You do nonetheless have an alternative choice in the case of hairdo for medium lengthy and bear in mind take the one that may enhance your fashion.

Long hair Prom

Hairstyles long hair Prom

Hairstyles long hair Prom have so many types and variation. The variation based mostly on so many form of hairdo such as bun, braid, bangs, curl, ponytail, refined, unfastened and wave. All the hairstyles match with long hair. Hairstyles long hair with bun will be blended with braid by braid it first, than make the bun. The bun additionally will be set like pinwheel. The bangs orientation largely going proper or left however there is no such thing as a mistaken of attempting it straight on forehead.

Hairstyles long hair Prom with ponytail usually a sensible choice for many who has long hair attributable to it’s easy making and giving extra lovely look aroung the pinnacle. The colours for these design normally utilizing a darkish shade even blonde do. the variation that may be chosen is black, brown, blonde and a bit white will depend on the pleasure. If the luxurious feels not sufficient, there nonetheless extra alternative for Hairstyles long hair within the wavy hair. The wave shall be coloured by gentle and glossy shade like red maroon.

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