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Controvercy of New Wonder Woman Costume

Origin Story Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was originally a fictional superhero in comic books published by DC Comics. She was created by William Moulton Marston. The character is based on his wife Elizabeth Holloway Marston and his beloved Olive Byrne. Wonder Woman was one of the first female heroes, and is also one of the best known.

Wonder Woman is actually Diana, Princess of the Amazons of Greek mythology. She got the Olympic Gods various superhuman powers and weapons. She is often described as "beautiful as Aphrodite, smart as Athena, faster than Mercirius and stronger than Hercules."

After World War II, in the 50's, began Wonder Womans' changing character. As her statements were less feminist. In the 60s Wonder Woman lost her powers when she decided to remain in the world of men instead of the other Amazons to go to another dimension. Then she learned from a Chinese mentor the martial arts. They also learned to cope with new weapons. Wonder Woman was still working as a super spy and vigilante. In 1973, Wonder Woman was restored to the character that she was originally.

Modern Wonder Woman anda  New Wonder Woman Costume

wonder woman picture
After the story "Crisis on Infinte Earths" underwent many characters from DC Comics major changes. Wonder Woman was also adjusted. In this new version Wonder Woman was again much more feminist. Her background was further developed with elements of Greek Mythology.

Wonder Woman has all power. She is superhumanly strong and fast and has incredible stamina. These forces come from a mystical bond she has with the Earth. Wonder Woman is physically one of the strongest heroes in the DC Universe. She even wins over Superman.

Original Wonder Woman Costume

original wonder woman
Whether you call it a wonder woman costume or a superwoman costume or supergirl costume, all the girls want to identify themselves with a super heroine as Wonder Woman. At Hendriks Carnival we have an appropriate supergirl costume for every little miracle girl. For adults we have a superwoman costume that makes you the heroine of any themed party or carnival.

One thing is certain; we are still far away from the superhero movies! One of the adaptations that is coming up is that of Wonder Woman. Flashy not as interesting as the film yet to be made largely.

New Wonder Woman Costume

costume wonder woman

Wonder Woman will be played by Adrienne Palicki. Recently a first picture of her in the Wonder Woman costume. Immediately fell half the world over. The package was found for example, too sexy and too shiny. It would also be unhealthy because it does not have enough air would pass through. And maybe it looks a bit cosplayerig out.

But now I really filmed surfaced today new images, which make it clear that the filmmakers have listened to the complaints. The costume is especially become less shiny. Artist Serge Birault found enough inspiration to make a steampunk version of Wonder Woman. Which of the variants you finally find the best?

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