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How Tie Turkey Hejab Style

Turkish hijab style is increasingly popular hijabers. Hijab style is not hard to do and minimal blotter. Not only that, the implementation of the Turkish hijab can be used for formal or casual event to depend election material. Although the Turkish style synonymous with quadrilateral bermaterial silk scarf, but you can also use another veil to apply.

As a young designer Dian Pelangi, the style of Turkey will continue to be the trend until next year. Not only Dian, the owner of the e-commerce Saqina, Ines Hand, hijab Turkey increasingly favored by women who have worked because it makes it look more professional appearance.

"Turkey will boom later style. Style Turkey simple increasingly in demand, especially professional workers. They look more elegant and professional when using Turkish hijab. So Turkey is going on right now," said Ines when talking with Wolipop some time ago in the city of Kasablanka , South Jakarta.

Although the trend of some women are still not confident to apply this style because it does not conform to the shape of his face. Here Turkish hijab style suitable for all face shapes of Shamshom Brunette

Step 1 Hejab Turkey

Take a long scarf or pashmina cotton material which is comfortable to use everyday. Choose dark-colored scarf because when you are a woman with a round face shape or chubby cheeks, scarf black or other dark colors can make the shape become more gaunt. Make sure it is wearing ninja ciput that the neck is not exposed. Put on the head of a little fold the sides inward.

Step 2 - Hejab Turkey

Both sides fastened under the chin and then embed a pin or needle. If the chubby-cheeked, pull slightly right and left sides towards the front to create a more tapered shape. After that, the top center of the forehead is pulled slightly upwards so as to form a triangle. The triangular shape that mencirikhaskan veil Turkish woman.

Step 3 - Hejab Turkey

The right part is turned toward the back and return it to the top of the right shoulder. Then close the left side to the right side.

Step 4 - Hejab Turkey

Tie the two parts to move closer towards the neck. After that, put one in the back of the shoulder part.

Step 5 - Hejab Turkey

Hijab tutorial is complete. You can apply this style to a casual event. If not clear, see the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGEPGuhDZPw

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