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Wardrobe Items for Mom, Seriously Speaking!

The Ten Must-have Wardrobe Items for Mom was a huge hit in the laughter department, but quite a few of you stated you wished there was a “for real” essential wardrobe items article. All laughter aside, I thought over my wardrobe and what I consider absolutely essential as a stay-at-home mom who also has to periodically go out for doctors’ appointments and groceries.

Wardrobe Items for Mom, Seriously Speaking!

Wardrobe Items for Mom, Seriously Speaking!
I write this as a just another woman who lives on a limited budget so that her family can make ends meet. Anything I list, I have because I found it on sale, a bargain rack, or I requested it for a birthday or Christmas.
All moms should have the following:

Yoga pants

Yoga pants are dressier than sweat pants but just as comfortable. They usually have a wide waist band and are made of a material that is soft and sometimes has a touch of spandex in it. They’re perfect for daily life around the house but can be topped off with a nice t-shirt or sweatshirt for a quick run to the store or even a doctors’ appointment.

Comfy stretch jeans

There are jeans and then there are stretch jeans. For me, regular jeans stay tight all day long and are super uncomfortable when I’m squatting down to get on my daughter’s level or clean something; not to mention, they cut into my lower abdomen when I’m sitting at my computer. But stretch jeans have just enough “give” to them that they move easily with my body, no matter what I’m doing, and I don’t feel pinched and stuffed.

Fitted tops

Now, I’m not talking skin-tight here, with cleavage popping out. We are mature women who can’t dress like teeny-boppers anymore! Still, there is something about having tops that are fitted to our figure that helps us feel dressed up even when we aren’t. I feel a lot sexier in a fitted women’s T-shirt than I do in one of my husband’s oversized T-shirts. And a cute zip-up hoodie is so much more feminine than an oversized, hanging-to-my-knees, men’s sweatshirt.


I was in a crisis all this past summer because I could not find shorts that weren’t Daisy Duke length, and my jeans were way too hot for the summer weather. Capris saved the day. Capris come to the knee or just below and are usually made of a very light weight material that is not uncomfortable to wear in the warm weather. They can be ultra casual with flip-flops and a T-shirt or they can be dressed up with heeled sandals and a dress tank or blouse. Capris are a very versatile wardrobe item.

Ballet shoes

Even though I am 5 foot 10 ½ inches tall, I love high heels. That fact will never change. However, since having a baby and the new style of ballet flats appeared all in the same year, I have learned to take advantage of flat shoes. It’s much easier to tote a baby, purse, coats, and diaper bags while wearing flats than it is in heels. Ballet flats are dressy and comfortable all at the same time and usually run a lot cheaper than heeled shoes.

Scented lotion

Although this isn’t a clothing item, it’s still a wardrobe item in my book! It’s so easy to feel frumpy day after day, as I’m home alone with my daughter. However, scent is very soothing to me and having a lotion that is lightly scented helps me feel more like a woman as I go about doing the mundane tasks of my day.


woman makeup tool

This accessory also helps me get out of the “frumpy-feeling” state that I battle on a daily basis. Although it doesn’t make much sense to do so, since the only people seeing me will be my husband and my baby, I have found that if I put on makeup, even if it’s just mascara and lip gloss, I feel more on top of things somehow. It’s also nice to look half way decent when the landlord unexpectedly stops by or the UPS man needs me to sign for a package.

Sexy underwear

I can hear the laughs now. When is the last time any of us wore sexy underwear? I have to include myself in this category, but I’m going to change that. If anything in this list is a splurge, this would probably be it. Lacy bras and panties tend to be a bit expensive sometimes. But oh, to slip a pair on just does wonders for our femininity!

Fun socks

I have this thing for fun socks. They just plain add fun to your day! Whether it’s crazy colored socks or socks that have individual toes in them or those huge fluffy socks you can get, I like that little extra added to my daily outfit.
Feminine, Flannel PJs

It’s just at the beginning of winter as I write this and I think there is nothing cozier than finishing up supper and going and getting my pajamas on to end my day in. Pretty flannel PJs are my favorite thing to throw on this time of year. They’re comfy and cozy, but still make me feel feminine (and a little cute, too) to wear them.

All-in-one bag

All-in-one bag

A bag that can double as both a purse and a diaper bag is just the ideal wardrobe item. It saves your shoulders and consolidates your “stuff” all into one package. It can either be a huge purse that you also use as a diaper bag or it can be one of those new, super-cool looking diaper bags out there that you use as a purse. Whatever the case, it’s something a mom can not afford to be without.

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of believing that just because we’re home all day long, it doesn’t matter what our appearance is like, but it does matter. It matters because usually, the better we feel about ourselves, the better our day seems to go. That benefits not only us, but our kids like it too! So, next time you get some birthday money or see a good sale, pick up one of these little items and start building up your essentials list.

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