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Original Green Amethyst

Amethyst is family rhinestone. It is a beautiful purple crystal, which is usually offered as a fragment of a geode: a spherical cavity in the rock, which is on the inside covered with crystals.

The Green amethyst owes its beautiful purple color mainly to traces of iron, titanium and manganese and a little radioactivity. In the sunlight void the radioactivity and can fade the amethyst.
Very pale amethyst can with irradiation with radium again be deep purple. Unfortunately this is not colorfast; the stone loses its color over time.

View your green amethyst accurately close from different directions, then a crystal point appears to have two different colors: blue / blue purple and red purple. This phenomenon is called dichroism (two colors).

The green opaque amethyst with white lines is the gemstone that is given to loved ones on Valentine's Day. This type of amethyst is called chevron amethyst

The color green amethyst has a special effect. green is created by mixing the red and the fiery distant blue; Green Amethyst is thus a compromise between opposites.

The crystal promotes harmony and clarity of mind and helps to take away. Amethyst geode  in a space arranged creates harmony in the home.

Amethyst is the stone of detachment and spirituality. Bishop rings and other liturgical objects often include amethyst, to help the wearer and user renounce earthly pleasures and elevate the mind.

Green Amethyst and Physical energy

Green Amethyst works protective and purifying. It makes your head clear and provides insight into your behavior and the choices you make and this helps recognize and behind you bad habits and addictions. It also provides insight into business sense and can help certain experiences a place, so you will be helped in the processing of emotional pain, trauma and loss and grief to the next stage. Amethyst creates a field with light energy around your aura and what - if the stone is large enough - a space to clean and protect. It may be the crown and third eye open so that the stone may be suitable for people who want to start developing their intuition and spiritual skills. Also helps to make contact with higher energies and guides. Physically amethyst has a positive effect on the brains and nervous system, headaches and migraines and sleep (as nightmares).
ring Original Green Amethyst

Origin of the name green amethyst 

The name green amethyst comes from the Greek: a composition of a ('no') and drunk. The ancient Greeks and Romans drank wine from goblets amethysts, or held an amethyst in their mouth while drinking. They felt that they could not be drunk.
The green color of this crystal was associated with the color of wine and the Roman god of wine, Bacchus.

Green Amethyst

Through the ages

Amethyst has a long history. For centuries it has been a favorite and very ornamental stone. The crystal was found in the pyramids of ancient Egypt and in tombs of the Etruscans and Romans.

Greeks and Romans used the green amethyst as an amulet to protect against drunkenness, addiction and headache caused by excessive drinking of wine. Males were also contested the amethyst. Sometimes by wearing or laying of the stone, sometimes by taking pulverized amethyst.
Pliny the Elder, a Roman writer / scientist (23-79) wrote about the healing powers of stones. He praised the use of amethyst when drinking wine. Drunkenness would be prevented by putting an amethyst under the tongue or in the cheek pouch.
Amethyst would also protect against the evil eye and witchcraft, provided there is a sun and moon in the stone was engraved.

In China, it was believed that amethyst a legal issue in favor of the carrier could change. This resulted in a lively trade. It was possible to rent an amethyst for this purpose. In a favorable ruling the stone had been a great help and the rent was cranked.

The shamans in Finland used a so-called shamans stone to aid in meditation. Such shamans stone is a tricolor with amethyst stone, snow quartz and smoky quartz.

From Roman times until well into the Middle Ages they were very afraid of poisoning. It was known that amethyst changes color when in contact with some plant toxins. Therefore, chalices and goblets carved from or decorated with amethyst, so that they would be warned in time for poison in the drink.

In the 18th and 19th centuries was purple / violet color of mourning and penance. At that time, many rosaries made of amethyst.
During the Art Nouveau and Art Nouveau (early 20th century) was amethyst liked for making jewelry. The famous Russian goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé (1846-1920) in his famous jewelry and jeweled eggs frequently amethyst.

Health Effects of Green Amethyst

Original Green Amethyst

* Green  Amethyst belongs to the brow chakra and crown chakra. Because of its effect on the hypothalamus is an amethyst stone that many types of headaches can fight (but no whiplash or migraine). Place the stone above the forehead or wear it on a short chain around the neck.
* The green amethyst is also working on the pineal gland, which provides day and night rhythm. For problems with import and staying asleep, nightmares and a chunk amethyst works on the nightstand or under the pillow excellent.
* The effect on pineal gland and hypothalamus works through the amethyst on the other endocrine glands. By regularly wearing an amethyst is especially the pancreas, which does not work well, for example diabetes (diabetes mellitus), stimulated.
* Green Amethyst reduces nervousness and stress. He helps to improve concentration and helps to release negative ideas.
* Due to the high iron content, the amethyst has a positive effect on blood, blood composition, circulatory and cardiovascular system. Are skin problems from within tackled thanks to improved circulation. Drink water regularly amethyst for cleaner skin and shiny hair.

Offered yellow gold ring set with a large natural
bright green Amethyst by approximately 2.70 carats + 2 Diamonds.

Because the green Amethyst is placed on a graceful openwork ring kop (14 x 10 x H 6 mm) creates an optimal illumination on the professional cut gemstone.
On the shoulders in a circular ornamental setting placed a diamond.

Chemical composition of Original Green Amethyst

Original Green Amethyst

Amethyst often color zones instead of one solid color. By heating the color can regularly be distributed carefully, but during heating the stone can be yellow, brown or green discoloration.
Yellow to brown burnt amethyst is often offered as citrine. 

Composition: SiO2 + (Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Li, Na).
Hardness: 7 bros
Transparency: transparent, translucent, opaque (chevron amethyst)
Fracture: shell-shaped, splintered
Fissile :  unclear
Density: 2.63 to 2.65
Crystal System: trigonal, macrocrystalline

Specifications of Amethyst :

1x Natural Amethyst gemstone - "Octagon Cushion Cut"
10 x 8 x H 5 mm - color: AAA + Light Green - VVS clarity hardness 7 on Mohs scale - Origin: Brazil

Natural diamond gemstone - number two round brilliant cut
diag about 1.1 mm.- color: White - clarity SI1 - about 0.012 Ct.

Inside Dimensions approx 17.5 mm. - Weight 1.6 grams.

British Hallmarks:
In the slender ring shank (2/1 mm) of the ring is stamped
-9K- And -375-: English stand for quality marks for a
gold content of 9K *)

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